I will begin this entry by urging you to THINK FOR YOURSELF. The socialized health care system being forced on Americans will begin to have increasingly negative impact on us as this year proceeds. We will see that insurance costs are higher and quality of care is lower. Therefore, it’s a great time to THINK about what you can do for yourself to get healthy , and stay well.


Many physicians are now retiring early, leaving practice for other professions, or establishing a “Concierge Practice” in which they provide general care on an affordable cash-only basis. I wonder if they used our “Stay Healthy” program that I began 29 years ago as a model? Oh well, imitation is a true form of flattery. Those of you who receive your care here via our Stay Healthy Plan, understand that not only do you receive your regular chiropractic adjustments, but ongoing “coaching” on healthy lifestyles AND lots of jokes and laughter. So, I wonder if you ever considered why I include humor and laughter in the care I provide?  There are simply two reasons;

1. It dramatically increases your odds of healing and staying well.

2. It keeps my work fun, and I do a better job when I’m having fun!

I will summarize an article from the website HELPGUIDE.org for you to consider. Then, THINK FOR YOURSELF!

-Good hearty laughter relieves physical stress and tension, leaving muscles relaxed for up to 45v minutes.

-Laughter decreases stress hormones and improves immune system function, thus increasing resistance to illness and disease.

-Laughter triggers the release of endorphins. This hormone creates a sense of well being and provides temporary pain relief.

-Laughter protects the heart. A University of Maryland study found that stress reduces blood flow by an average of 35%. Laughter increases blood flow by an average of 22%.

-Laughter eases negative emotions.

-Laughter increases energy, allowing you to stay focused and accomplish more.

-When you laugh with one another a more positive bond is formed. This buffers against stress, disagreements and disappointments.


-Watch a funny movie or TV show. Better yet, read an inspirational or funny book.

-Quit watching the television blues (news).

-Seek out funny people to associate with.

-Stay away from negative people as much as possible. Remember, misery loves company!

-Share a good joke or funny story with others.

-Play with a pet.

-Be spontaneous! Do something silly and /or fun.  WARNING! Keep it legal!

-SMILE. Then go out in public and just SMILE at people you pass. Watch how they SMILE back. Notice how that feels inside.

-Count your blessings.

-Bring humor into random conversations. Ask someone …”what’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?”

-Laugh at yourself. Laugh off troubles.

-Watch small children play and be more like them. Theirs is a world of POSSIBILITIES, not limitations.


    I will begin this post by telling you I have been practicing Chiropractic and Acupuncture for over 30 years. So, I can speak from abundant clinical experience with regards to what has been very effective for many health problems, NOT just pain.

To this day I am still amazed on a regular basis at how the human body is self-regulating and self-healing provided that the nervous system can function without excessive interference. Health care in our country continues to be almost exclusively concerned with the biochemical status of our bodies. However, I challenge you to question what controls the chemical and HORMONAL balance in the human body. Do some research and you will discover that the nervous system is our control center. Therefore, interference with nerve function may often lead to chronic health problems even when there is no PAIN.

From my 30 plus years in practice I can confidently tell you that many chronic pain syndromes and health problems are related to hormonal imbalance. What may surprise you is that I have found that Acupuncture can be highly effective in balancing hormonal function. It works not by synthetic biochemical drug therapy, rather by natural bioelectric stimulation of nerves that CONTROL the glands that secrete these hormones. I cannot tell you how many migraine headache patients we have helped this way. Female infertility is another condition that has responded well. I often demonstrate to our patients and my staff how tender the Acupuncture hormone reflex points are just above the ankle and inside the ear.

You may wonder why this is not used more commonly in medical clinics and hospitals. As usual, you simply follow the money to get the answer. Medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. More drug prescriptions equal more profit. Sometimes I hear someone say that there is no evidence that acupuncture really works. REALLY?  Well, just so you know, our military now advocates and teaches physicians and medics how to perform acupuncture on servicemen and women. They actually have an acupuncture clinic at Fort Meade in Maryland. You see, the military cares about what works. They are not dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. If you would like further in-depth scientific proof of the effectiveness of Acupuncture I suggest you read “The Body Electric” written by Robert Becker, MD.  In 1969 the Army assigned him to research Acupuncture. He protested researching Acupuncture as he did not “believe” in it. The Army insisted, stating that they knew it worked. They just wanted to understand how it worked and how it could be used in the military. He did the research and was astounded at how well Acupuncture truly worked. He then attempted to get this research published and discovered that the medical journals would not publish his research. Read the book. I guarantee it will make you angry, but it just may help you try something that has been helping humans for thousands of years.  Oh, one more interesting tidbit. The pharmaceutical industry is the SECOND largest political lobby in Washington, DC. The oil industry, of course is first.

Finally, I do want to make clear that I am not a martyr. I honestly believe medicine does amazingly well at crisis management type health care. I value that.  It does not however, have an effective WELLNESS CARE delivery system. Now you have some new knowledge to decide if you are interested in the bioelectric, energy based wellness care we provide here at Erickson Clinic through Chiropractic and Acupuncture.


*** Just a reminder to keep your water intake up during the heat of summer. Remember that electrolytes are important, so consider low sugar sports drinks for this!

Happy 4th of July!

You, your family and your friends are invited to our FREE CLINIC DAY on Wednesday January 25th, 2012. This year is a benefit for The Champaign County Humane Society (CCHS).  On January 25th we will be providing FREE Chiropractic adjustments to everyone! However, you do need to call the clinic (355-9577) to reserve a time for for yourself, family and friends. There is absolutely NO CHARGE for your care here on the 25th, however, we ask that you consider making a donation to Champaign County Humane Society when you come for care on the 25th. We suggest that you write a check directly to CCHS and deposit it in the collection tray, and we will deliver all money donated directly to CCHS. Your donation to CCHS is also tax deductible!

     I never had pets when I grew up. Then, our family adopted two wonderful dogs from CCHS several years ago and I finally understood unconditional love. Would you please help us help CCHS provide healthy, loving pets to good homes?  We appreciate you allowing us to serve you here at Erickson Clinic, and we hope to see many of you on the 25th.  Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!


                                                                               Dr. E  &  Staff  

     Our purpose is to facilitate “Wellness” for our patients.  According to a study at Yale University, health is only 25% determined by genetics, but 75% determined by lifestyle! There is now more attention given to the topics of exercise and nutrition than in years past. The problem lies in being consistent with better diet, exercise and lifestyle. We know what we should do, so why don’t we do it?

     The answer is quite simple. The “MIND” controls the body in all humans. Therefore, if we control the mind, we control the body. The big question is who controls our mind? Billions of advertising dollars are spent yearly to convince us that “I’m Lovin’ It” at McDonalds, or to “Stay Thirsty My Friends” like the beer drinking most interesting man in the world. You see, repetitive messages are effective at influencing our thoughts. The tragedy is that we have been so inundated by repetitive external suggestions that we now too often abandon our process of “critical thinking.” The most precious right we have is to think for ourselves. Are we doing that? Sadly, we tend to echo what we are told by CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, radio talk show hosts, newspapers, magazines and politicians! The ridiculous mess this country faces now is largely due to americans not clearly thinking for themselves and for not holding politicians of both parties accountable! 

     I propose to you that the solutions necessary to correct the course of this country, our lives and our health, will not come from political legislation, national “healthscare” or the media. The truth is that our thoughts have brought us where we are, and will take us where we are going! Stop the insanity! Start thinking for yourself. Why let others think for you?  Question the truth of the “NEWS.” Is it real, or meant to influence my mind?

     I encourage you to go to YouTube and search for the numerous short videos on Mind over Matter and interviews with Professor William Tiller from Stanford University. The science has been done to prove the power and influence of the mind on physical matter. Remember, your body is physical matter so what we “think about” we are likely to bring about. If we truly want to make the world a better place and ourself a better & healthier person, it begins within our minds.

     Our patients receive quality physical treatment, as well as counseling on mental strategies to manage the stress in their lives by taking control of their thoughts and thinking for themselves!  I have a 45 minute presentation which is fun and empowering which I love giving free of charge to groups interested in improving the quality of life. The title is; It’s your life, do you “MIND”?  Please contact me for more information.  Don’t forget:


I will begin with wishing you all a very happy 4th of July.  I deeply respect our service men and women for their sacrifices in providing us with the safety and freedom we enjoy, and defending it daily. God bless them. 

From time to time when I meet new people they will ask, “What do you do?”  I take pride in responding “I am an energy doctor.”  It’s always fun to watch their expressions. I then ask if they want to know what an energy doctor is.  Most do, so I proceed to tell them some simple truths that they likely haven’t heard. The conversation generally proceeds with the following explanation;

What is the difference between life and death?  (Most people get a mystified look on their face and have no answer.)

Then, I hear…the heart stops beating, … you quit breathing, …etc.     That may be true, especially if an injury is involved.  But, fundamentally the difference between life and death is ENERGY. Think about it. The universe is really nothing more than a sea of energy. Each cell in our body is really a specifically organized glob of energy, dense enough to be viewed as physical matter.

We know that we need hearts, lungs, kidneys, muscles, glands and blood for the body to function. BUT, what coordinates the function of all the different body tissues? If you said the brain and nervous system you are MOSTLY correct. (more on this later)

Now here is the point. The brain communicates with all cells of the body by sending and receiving electrical impulses largely conducted by the nerves that run throughout the body. You tell me, if there is interference with the transmission or reception of nerve impulses by the brain, does this affect the performance of the cells, tissues and organs that the nerves connect with?  Of course!!! 

The most common form of interference on nerves comes from what chiropractors call “subluxations.”  A subluxation means that a joint, or joints, of the spine do not move freely. There is friction when mechanical parts do not slide easily against one another. This friction causes irritation in the joints, followed by swelling in the spinal joints (you feel stiffness), and finally a nerve becomes irritated from the resultant chemical inflamation.

These subluxations tend to be chronic because they are due to poor posture and repetitive strain from using the joints over and over. What most people do not realize is that the chemical additives and preservatives in foods and beverages also facilitate the inflamatory process. Worse yet, STRESS is directly linked to subluxations because it causes the muscles to tense up and that leads to friction in the joints! When poor posture, repetitive strain, chemical toxins and stress continue to work against us, the body responds with pain and various health problems.

Remember, nerve impulses largely regulate the health of your cells, tissues and organs.  By the way, do you have any stress in your life? Are you eating well and avoiding foods and drinks without all the “nasty” chemicals?  Do you have great posture and avoid repetitive strain on the body?

Be honest with yourself. You can tell me anything  (and brother, you should hear some of the stories I’m told!), but you can’t lie to yourself.

Chiropractic is a wonderful method of correcting subluxations, and maintaining a higher level of performance in your nervous system. Again remember, better nerve function facilitates better health. Of course you are entitled to do nothing and wait until poor health develops. But WHY?

The truth is that PREVENTION will always be wiser and less expensive than waiting for health problems to develop.

Another interesting thing we have recently learned in research is that individual cells “think” on their own.   They communicate with all other cells in the body by way of electrical impulses that run through the connective tissues of the body. When the connective tissues of the body become dehydrated and full of adhesions from chronic inflamation, it impairs the communication of the body’s cells with each other.

Again we see that the body, and our health, is fundamentally an ENERGY phenomenon.  When this is an issue, acupuncture is often an effective way to facilitate cellular communication, and control pain!  Isn’t it interesting that human relationships, as well as cellular relationships, depend on good communication?

Everything I do is specifically tailored to build the body up from the inside out. We must look well at the ENERGY regulation of the body if we truly desire to address the “cause” of many health problems.

So, why do I do what I do you ask?  I am an ENERGY doctor.  I help restore the life giving communication in your nervous system, and in your cells. I coach you to be responsible for yourself through good nutrition, regular exercise and plenty of laughter.  It is my mission, and my passion, to help you find peace of mind and good health in  wonderfully natural ways.   I tell you these simple truths.  Will you allow me to help you?

                                                                                                                                                   Scott J. Erickson, DC

     There are a few times in your life when you realize something very special has just happened to you. I had the good fortune of experiencing this type of event this past weekend. Many of you know that I have practiced acupuncture for 29+ years. I have seen so many amazing results that I too often tend to take that for granted. So, when I attended the acupuncture seminar in Chicago last weekend I expected to re-learn some forgotten things and perhaps pick-up a pearl or two that I could bring back to the clinic. I did not expect to be shocked into a new paradigm of pain relief.

     I am frequently critical of waste in government spending. I will likely continue to be. For once however, I was realizing a true return on my tax dollars thanks to magnificent research done by the Department of Defense on (can you believe it?) ACUPUNCTURE!  Government sponsored research found a truly amazing technique that relieves both acute and chronic pain with astonishing success. In fact, this occured in 2001 by Dr. Richard Niemtzow, a Colonel at Andrews Air Force Base. He was a radiation oncologist by training, but now practices only acupuncture. So why are we civilian doctors only now being informed of this?  The answer seems to always be the same. Follow the money. Just imagine if people have access to this technology they might not need the drugs for pain. The percentage of prescriptions written for pain management is staggering! By the way, the two largest political lobbyists in Washington, DC are the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Annoying facts aside, lets talk about the GOOD news. Dr. Niemtzow has discovered five specific points on the ears that can be used to dramatically reduce pain in a high percentage of patients. He calls this procedure “Battlefield Acupuncture” because it was designed to get immediate pain relief for soldiers in combat where medicines were not practical or available. He has taught military physicians from all branches of service how to perform this procedure. One of his trainees now is teaching us civilian physicians how to do this. The technique was developed by studying functional MRI’s of the human brain while the patients were experiencing pain. This allowed him to see which regions of the brain were involved in processing pain signals. In like manner he was able to stimulate specific acupuncture areas on the ear and observe which points blocked the pain signals.

     Traditional ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) has been used to treat a wide variety of health problems including pain. The traditional pain control points which we have been taught in acupuncture are NOT nearly as effective as the points discovered by Dr. Niemztow. As you read this post, Battlefield Acupuncture is being used on our soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as at miltary facilities world wide.

     The procedure involves a simple procedure of stimulating up to 5 specific points on each ear. We first determine which of the 5 points are “Hot Zones.”  This means that the point is very electrically active. By using a mild 10 Hertz electrical current, or a red beam medical laser, we treat the points and then have the patient walk a short distance and feel the change in their pain. We treat the points sequentially until the pain level is reduced to a minimal level. We then place small semi-permanent acupuncture needles on some of the points to be kept in the ear for up to 72 hours to maintain the stimulation long enough for the pain signals to be abated. The procedure is an excellent alternative to drug therapy and pain injections, and is very inexpensive!  This procedure can be used as a one-time treatment, or on a periodic basis to manage chronic pain syndromes.

     I couldn’t wait to test this procedure out following my training this weekend. Today (Monday) I used it with 5 patients experiencing very significant pain rated as a “7″ or higher on a 1 – 10 scale.  All 5 had dramatic and immediate relief of pain that reduced to a rating of no more that 1 0r 2.  So, is this for you?  You won’t know if you don’t try it. I encourage you to call me with any questions that you have.

     I conclude with my usual advice;  “THINK FOR YOURSELF.”

     Over my twenty nine years in practice I have noted a steadily worsening trend that I believe is public enemy number one with regards to both health, and happiness. Americans are increasingly abandoning their freedom to “THINK” for themselves. We seem to have surrendered to the influence of movies, radio talk shows, print publications, the internet and television “programming.”  I call this media mind manipulation.  Accordingly to research,  American adults now watch an average of four hours of television a day!  Conversely, we spend on average less than one hour a day tending to family matters and conversation. 65% of married adults spend more time with their computers than with their spouse!  The CDC statistics show that only 35% of adults exercise for at least thirty minutes a minimum of three times per week.

     A recent study of pregnant women discovered that almost 100% had toxic levels of dangerous chemicals in their blood. These included insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, prescription drugs (that they were not personally taking!) and, even rocket fuel chemicals!  Gee whiz, I wonder how all these toxins get into the blood? Let’s “THINK” about it. The only thing we all have in common is the need to breathe air, eat food and drink water. The FDA says it’s all safe, right?  The world we live in today is a literal chemical toxic dump.  Aren’t processed foods wonderful?  They last so long on the shelf. WHY?  How about those delicious diet drinks that keep people so slim?  You might want to read about aspartame and it’s effect on your nervous system.  But wait, you drink lots of water you say?  Try testing tap, and bottled water for contaminants. Scary!  So, you’re “thinking”, what’s my point?

     The power of the media to influence us is immense, but only if we let it. The proof of this lies in the enormous amount of money advertisers spend to get into our minds. They simply do not spend money on advertising that doesn’t work.  Uh-huh you say, this is conspiracy theory stuff.  Well, you may find interesting reading if you do a little checking into the government’s MK-Ultra mind research which began in the 1940′s.  Did you ever hear about Subliminal Messages?  Quite effective and used to help prevent shop lifting, but nothing else, right?  The media has been an amazingly effective tool to influence public opinion. Why?  I suspect because we don’t question it!  Many of you can remember the days of investigative journalism like I do. Where did it go? These days we see and hear “news” reports and just accept them as fact. Then there’s always the extremists like Keith Obermann and Bill O’Reilly who are more than happy to tell us what we should believe so we don’t have to “think” too much about it.  Lets not forget our academic institutions.  Are we educating our youth and helping them learn “how to think”, or are we indoctrinating them with “what to think”?

Corporations, governments and SOME citizens, understand how to influence and control the masses. So, here’s how it works.

* We all have RESULTS in our life. (Successes and failures)

* Results are determined largely by the ACTIONS we take, or do not take.

* The actions we take are largely determined by how we “THINK”!

*How we think is mostly determined by what we BELIEVE!!!

Now you know why there is such a continuous effort to influence you by these entities. If they can influence your belief system, you will think and act in certain ways. I challenge you to “think,” and question, whether the influences you are exposed to daily are good for you, or good for the corporations, governments etc…

You either surrender and do nothing, or, defend your mind. It is truly your choice to make.

     We are more divided as a country now than at any time I can remember in my fifty five years of life. I was just “thinking” that maybe that has been the goal of those in power. Remember the military strategy of divide and conquer? It’s a lot easier to do when people don’t ask questions. Hey, have you seen what’s been going on in Egypt recently?  That would never happen here though, would it?  

     I hope I have made you a little uncomfortable with this post. People tend to perk up when they are irritated. My purpose with this piece is to wake you up, and encourage you to ask questions. I DO NOT wish to tell you what to think, only to stimulate you to “THINK FOR YOURSELF.”

  If you’re interested in detoxifying your body, here are some tips:

1. Use a high quality water filter such as the “Big Berkey”, or Aquafina bottled water which I’ve found most pure in testing.

2.  Buy organic fruits and vegetables and “free range” meats.

3.  Exercise for 30 minutes at least five days a week.

4.  Resist  “Media Mind Manipulation.” (Ask questions, and “think”.)

5. Manage stress more effectively.  (This will be the topic of our next newsletter. And, if enough of you are truly interested, let me know and we’ll actually do a hands-on seminar where I’ll teach you how to do this, and provide you with the simple tool to do it.)

Remember to laugh, love and “THINK FOR YOURSELF”!

     Many people find themselves suffering from sinusitis at this time of year. This condition causes drainage and sore throat, headaches and even dizzyness. If it persists, infection often results. Decongestant medicine is widely used to treat the symptoms, but many people don’t respond well to the meds and are looking for a natural solution to their sinusitis.  Help may come from from LASER THERAPY.

     We now offer K-Laser  (TM) therapy for help in resolving inflamation and pain. Research has consistently demonstrated the anti-inflamatory and analgesic effects of laser therapy.  K-Laser has the power to penetrate deeply into inflamed tissues and deliver an effective dose of laser energy.  The benefits are drainage of congested sinuses, pain relief and reduced inflamation of the sinuses.  

     Laser therapy is known to enact Bio-Modulation. This means that the concentrated laser energy therapy helps the area that is treated “regulate” and heal itself. The body is a self-healing and self-regulating system.  K-Laser therapy may truly assist the body perform this natural process.  Treatment time varies from 5 to 8 minutes, and the treatment plan depends on each patient’s condition. There in NO PAIN with this procedure, and only a “warm” sensation is felt during treatment.

     It is important to mention that the K-Laser used by our clinic is state-of-the-art technology. This is a Class-4 laser, with sophisticated electronics and much more power than other lasers (class-3) currently in use clinically.  I encourage you to call and speak with me about this.  Our patients are loving it! 

      A research study published in the November 7, 2005 issue of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, showed a positive result in the care of individuals with depression. It was noted that the concept of chiropractic care in the treatment of depression was not a new idea. At one time there were two chiropractic psychiatric hospitals in Davenport, Iowa.

     The subjects in this study were given a standardized test known as the Beck Depression Inventory (aka BDI-II) both before and after receiving specific chiropractic care for correction of upper neck spinal subluxations. The results showed a significant improvement of the average BDI-II scores of the group. Lower BDI-II scores are considered better than higher scores. The higher the level, the more severe the depression. The group as a whole scored a 17 in the BDI-II before chiropractic care.  After chiropractic care for correction of subluxations, the group average score improved to 8.

     Out of 15 participants in the study, 11 experienced marked improvement, 2 had minimal improvement while 2 scored worse on the follow up test. The researchers concluded by stating, “This study’s results provide support for the hypothesis that a positive relationship exists between a correction of the upper cervical spine subluxation complex and a reduction  in depressive symptoms in some people.”

  The New Zealand School of Chiropractic conducted a study on reaction times in athletes. One group of athletes received upper cervical toggle adjustments, while the other group of athletes served as a control group and received only a short period of rest.

     The results revealed that the control group had an 8% improvement in their reaction time, HOWEVER, the group receiving chiropractic adjustments had a 14.8% improvement in reaction time.

     The benefit to athletes is obvious. The benefit to you may come from being able to react more quickly in a sudden traffic crisis, or life threatening situation. Today, many athletes are regular chiropractic patients. They have told us for years that chiropractic adjustments improve their performance.  Now, thanks to the study from New Zealand, we have the scientific proof to support the athletes claims!

(source:  www.chiropracticresearch.org)

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